Join us on Sunday


The Sunday Service starts at 10:30 am


168-170 Oakleigh Road North

Whetstone London N20 0UG 

At the top of Russell Lane 

Say Hello

You are welcome and we would love to connect with you even before you come to the Sunday Service.

Send us an email letting us know that you will be joining us or just show up and give us a nice surprise.

Thanks for contacting!

What to expect?

What do you need to know:

- You don't need to have special clothing. Every day clothes are perfect.

- You don't need to know anything about the Sunday Service to join. 

- You don't need to have your own Bible.

- You will be welcomed at the door and you will be invited to help yourself to refreshments of coffee and tea.

- During the service, songs will be played and words will show up on the screen. Then news from the community will be shared. Sunday Message from the Pastor usually comes stright after. At the end of the Service, there is more singing and prayer, both corporate and individual. All lasts for about 90 minutes.

- If at any point during the service you feel like you need to leave you are free to do so and nobody will judge you.

- If you would like to get to know someone, even a smile can be enough, or you can just say "Hi, my name is ... and I am here for the first time."

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